Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Warhorse Studios has answered a few pressing questions regarding the future of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an action-RPG that took the streaming crowd by storm. The grounded and realistic nature of the game drew people in when it was released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One back in February 2018.

PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling and senior designer Prokop Jirsa spoke with Red Bull on the game’s reception from fans, the recent ‘From The Ashes’ DLC, and what comes next for the project.

Both staff members were pleasantly surprised by the initial reception of the game; Stolz-Zwilling noted that, despite the project gaining a small following prior to the release, the overall positive responses from players was overwhelming. Stolz-Zwilling also admitted to the game’s several issues and bugs post-launch, but these aspects were thankfully overlooked due to the rich story.

While many successful RPGs set in a medieval time period feature fantasy elements, Kingdom Come: Deliverance provides an entirely true-to-life experience. Jirsa and Stolz-Zwilling praised the game’s marketing team for promoting the realistic aspects of the game in such a way that would not deter fans of the fantasy genre. Jirsa also admitted that many people who had not heard of the game before merely assumed the game would be multiplayer, similar to Chivalry.

Much of the future content for Kingdom Come: Deliverance came from community feedback both prior to and after the title’s release. Stolz-Zwilling said:

“It was a motivation – collecting feedback and generating something together with the community. So we started getting feedback from people saying they wanted to be a bailiff, or wanted to rule over some place, or have a house. So we said, ‘OK, that’s a good idea, but we can do more than that.’”

After listening to community suggestions, the team added a feature allowing players to manage their own village in a later addition to the game.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Following discussion on how much the community affected the current content, Stolz-Zwilling and Jirsa went on to talk about the game’s latest DLC, ‘From The Ashes’, and how it was created due to the feedback received after initial release. The pair expressed how expansive the DLC was, and that it added over 15 hours of content to the base game. Stolz-Zwilling explained that the developer had previously underestimated how long the content would last for some players, with some fans taking a much longer or shorter amount of time to explore it.

As well as adding quests and items, the DLC came alongside a free hardcore mode update. The decision to include a hardcore mode, in what already was described as a fairly unforgiving game, was made to add a new layer of realism to the content. Rather than buffing enemies or making the player significantly weaker, the mode focuses on the survival mechanics, such as the player character’s hunger. Hardcore mode also removed the compass and player marker from the map, forcing players to rely on their own knowledge of the surroundings to navigate the environments.

In terms of further future content, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has four planned story expansions, the second of which is titled ‘A Woman’s Lot’. The next DLC will add some of the content that was missed from the launch, yet promised by developers on Kickstarter, such as a questline including one of the female characters and a companion dog.

The interview rounded off with Stolz-Zwilling shutting down any hope for Nintendo fans wanting to grab hold of the game, stating that “the Switch port is not an option for Kingdom Come.” Stolz-Zwilling also put down any dreams of a multiplayer mode in Kingdome Come: Deliverance, as early in development the team decided that the project would be a solely single-player experience.

OnlySP’s friends at Gameumentary recently released a documentary looking at the making of Kingdom Come: DeliveranceOnlySP’s Richard Flint described the game as a “fantastic first game” for the studio.

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