Warparty Bringing Strategy to the Stone Age

With Conan Unconquered not set to arrive for several more months, Warparty might sate fans thirsting for a stone age RTS experience.

Warparty has been available via Steam Early Access since October last year, though the V1 launch on March 28 will introduce a story mode.

The length and exact premise of the campaign is unclear, but developer Crazy Monkey Studios describes is as “a gripping primordial tale of ancient alliances and bloodshed.”

The new mode will come in addition to the multiplayer, skirmish, and wave-based survival modes already embedded in Warparty.

Players take the role of one of three factions as they battle against both human and bestial foes. A glimpse of the classically-styled RTS gameplay is available in the video below.

Not only will the game receive its full PC launch on March 28, but it will become available on the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One on the same date.

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