Watch Dogs 2

As part of a patch to prepare Watch Dogs 2 for its upcoming Season Pass content, Ubisoft has updated the game’s ending to hint that a sequel may be set in London.

The new conclusion follows on from the original ending, adding in a brief phone conversation between two unnamed characters and a set of co-ordinates, which, when typed into Google Maps, points to Brixton, London. Given that the DLC for Watch Dogs 2 is expected to take place entirely within the game’s existing setting of San Francisco, many have begun to speculate that Watch Dogs 3 will take the series beyond American shores, and given that London in the second most heavily surveilled city in the world at present, it would make for a suitable match for the themes of the series.

This suggestion must be taken with a grain of salt, however, as Ubisoft also hinted that Watch Dogs 2 would be set in Camden, New Jersey, shortly after the release of the first game.

Furthermore, despite the sales figures for Watch Dogs 2 failing to meet those of its predecessor, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot recently told investors that the company is looking forward to a long-term future for the series.

The updated ending is not the only fixture of the new update. Several minor changes and additions have been made to the game’s map, and new clothes, dances, and emotes have been added, expanding on the wealth of content that the game already includes. All players gain access to these new items and areas, and Ubisoft has also announced that anyone without the Season Pass content can access its missions by playing co-operatively with someone who does.

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