Watch Dogs 3

Fans have long speculated about the setting of Watch Dogs 3, but a new report from Kotaku appears to finally confirm that the game is heading to London.

Ubisoft has hinted at this news for a while; along with new items and general bug fixes, a patch for Watch Dogs 2 back in 2017 altered the game’s ending to include references to the location—an unusual change for any title.

Although Watch Dogs 3 has yet to be officially confirmed by Ubisoft, Kotaku’s wording suggests that the site has access to developmental sources. In reference to the aforementioned patch, the site writes, “A new patch for Watch Dogs 2 also dropped a major clue for Watch Dogs 3, telling the world that it would be set in London (which it is).”

Considering the franchise shares a universe with Assassin’s Creed, which has also visited London in the Victorian era, seeing how things have changed in the present day and what changes to the Watch Dogs formula are necessary to accommodate for the new location will be interesting.

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