Weather and Time Will Change Gameplay in Days Gone

Days Gone

The weather and time of day will have tangible effects on gameplay in Sony Bend’s upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone.

This latest revelation comes to light through the recent release of the behind-doors alternate-path playthrough of the game’s on-stage E3 presentation (embedded below). Compared with the daylight scenario of the original showing, the new trailer takes place in a snowy setting as night falls, providing an opportunity to show how such minor, apparently cosmetic changes can result in appreciable differences in the gameplay.

In the new demonstration, the player is able to see the Marauders setting the clothesline trap from the original demo, and therefore get the jump on his adversaries before heading deeper into the camp. The commentary by Days Gone’s Creative Director John Garvin and voice actor Sam Witwer goes further than the visuals in explaining that cold makes the zombies (Freakers in the game) stronger, while rainy weather and night time brings out more of them, as well as altering the behavioural patterns of the Marauders to ensure a highly dynamic experience.

The new video also shows off a number of elements that were less clear in the original demo, such as main character Deacon’s “Survival Vision,” which lets him track enemies, and his ability to craft items on the fly. Finally, the player takes a very different approach in tackling the Marauder camp here, going in with a frontal assault, rather than using the Freakers as in the first demonstration. Garvin explains that these are just two approaches that players can take to overcome the same situation, with other options being a stealth-based infiltration or a long-distance sniping mission.

Days Gone does not currently have a release date, though is expected to release exclusively on PlayStation 4 some time in 2018.

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