As the new year dawns we’ve begun to start following up on same games we’ve covered in the past that we haven’t had updates on recently. One such game is a stealth title called Tangiers, which went up on Kickstarter back in 2013, and has yet to be released.

Back in October 2015, the lead developer on Tangiers, Alex Harvey, posted an update announcing some financial troubles in regards to the game’s development. Here’s what happened according to the update on October 24th, 2015:

The last update covered our prior issues. With the game having seen delay, near the start of the year we secured an investment of additional funding. That wasn’t so secure and fell through, but we had a solution in place and all was to be good!

A replacement to our bailed funds was due to come in shortly after that post. Everything signed off, paperwork in place. Ready to come out of the cold and tie things up, drop a solid Beta and plough on through to retail launch.

Deja vu strikes. After countless hours and sleepless nights hammering out the agreement, putting together the requisite documents, projections, long term plans and keeping everything watertight on our camp, it goes askew from the other end.

We’re told that in spite of prior agreement, only 20% of what we’re due will be made available to us. They had less to hand due to previous commitments not coming to light and the weight of that fell straight on us.

Since then, no official updates have been posted. However, Harvey did post an unofficial update in the comments section of that post in November. Here’s what he had to say on the development status of Tangiers:

Hi all – just to update, we’ve got a solution in the works that has things looking positive – it’s still work in progress so I’m going to hold til this upcoming weekend to post the update. Hopefully I’ll have something concrete to report on then.

That comment was posted on November 10th, with a promised weekend update that never happened. Following the news of Tangiers’ financial troubles, the developer’s website has also gone offline, along with the official game website. Harvey’s Twitter account hasn’t made much mention of the title’s status either. I checked back as far as November for updates from Harvey himself and found none. The game’s official Twitter account hasn’t been updated since November either, and even so, the only activity was a retweet for a press story on the game, which is not an official update.

Things aren’t looking good for the development of Tangiers, and the lack of updates from the developers is even more troubling. I emailed Alex Harvey on Thursday, who provided me with this response and said that an update would be going live this past Friday on Kickstarter. Following the email conversation, an update has yet to be posted.

So, last update covered the issues we hit.

Basically, after prior delays, we’d arranged for an investor earlier in 2015 to cover development through to release.

Coming up to when we were due to receive a nice cheque from him, we were informed that he didn’t actually have the funds to hand. This was sudden and unforeseen, and left us with a big question mark regarding our ability to both sustain ourselves while working on the project, and our ability to put out the project at the standards required and expected by our backers.

On the last Kickstarter update, we intended for a quick turnaround to find a solution. Unfortunately, the time involved in organizing a solution, managing the need to stay afloat with a sudden lack of finances and maintaining forward development was much greater than anticipated. This dragged our intended quick turnaround out much longer than anticipated.

The lack of communication has mainly been down to this – while we’ve been working flat out to save things, there’s been an abject lack of concrete information for me to pass on.

The good news is that everything is coming together now. Obviously I can’t go into specifics, but we’ve been in discussions with a number of publishers and a final deal to get us through to release is coming imminently.

Once that’s out the way it should be a very quick turnaround to getting the Beta into our backers’ hands and then onto final release.

The response provided above is pretty similar to what Harvey was saying on Kickstarter all the way back in October 2015. The communication between the Tangiers’ development team and the people who Kickstarted the game is severely lacking; promising to provide updates and not delivering on time is also a red flag for the game.

We’ll keep an eye out for future updates on Tangiers, but if you’re a backer of the game, you may want to start checking in on the development a bit more. Financial troubles or not, keeping your backers in the loop is of the utmost importance. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates on this story as we learn more.

Note: I gave Harvey notice before posting this story as I mentioned it would be unnecessary to post if the Kickstarter update went live on Friday.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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