Did I really just say that? That I’m actually looking forward to yet another Call of Duty? Yes, I did.

Back before I started doing games journalism, Call of Duty was probably my favorite gaming franchise right behind Halo. Once I got into games journalism, I quickly matured and started looking for more in-depth experiences than Michael Bay movies in video game form. When Call of Duty: Black Ops III was announced and Treyarch said they were going to be focusing more on the narrative than ever before, I was really excited about it. Then the game hit and, well, I just wasn’t anymore.

Black Ops III tried to tackle some pretty interesting subjects like the amount of control technology has over humans and the threat of private military corporations, but it ultimately failed to create a narrative that was engaging or one that really made any sense whatsoever. The campaign itself was pretty fun, but the narrative surrounding it was weak.

And that’s when I realized, I don’t want Call of Duty to mature.

When I think back to my favorite Call of Duty campaign experiences, I think back to games like the Modern Warfare series and World at War. They were simple, action-packed, and dumb. But they were fun, and the story moved along fast enough to keep me engaged and wanting to actually finish the game. The past few Call of Duty campaigns haven’t done that for me.

Vast, never before seen environments. Blockbuster cinematic moments. Infinite Warfare is a gripping portrayal of war that takes you back to the roots of the franchise.

Just look at the hype surrounding the Modern Warfare remaster. It’s obvious what people want and what people don’t want.

If I want a deeper narrative and a longer first person shooter campaign to play, I have options for that now. I want Call of Duty to return to being a dumb first-person shooter that’s light on narrative and treats itself more like a Hollywood action movie. What I look for in a Call of Duty campaign is a a few hours of pure, unadulterated fun with cinematic moments, a booming soundtrack, and high octane gameplay. That’s all I want, and I dearly hope that’s what Infinite Warfare delivers on.

Luckily, it seems that Infinity Ward recognizes this is what people want as the website for the game clearly states the franchise is going back to its roots. On June 13th, we will find out. I will now leave you with a song from Modern Warfare 3 to drive my point home.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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