Wii U consoles will be sold at a loss


After a hugely successful life cycle with the Wii due to low manufacturing costs and price tags, it seems Nintendo won’t strike gold the same way with the Wii U. It’s been confirmed that at least for now, each Wii U console sold won’t make Nintendo richer, but rather slightly poorer.

At a press conference in Osaka, Nintendo Senior Managing Director Yoshihiro Mori stated that the console will cost the publisher for each unit sold.

Manufacturing costs are expensive, and we priced the machine at a level customers would accept. It’s important for us to develop a healthy business next fiscal year by combining sales of hardware and software.

To date, most of Nintendo’s hardware has been sold at a profit. Even the 3DS, although losing profitability due its price cut a few months after release, manged to become profitable again recently. It’ll be interesting to see how well Wii U software will sell, since it’ll have to make up for the 5.5 million consoles Nintendo is predicting on selling between now and March 31, 2013.

The Wii U will be available on Nov. 18 (30 EU, AU) in a standard version (Gamepad, 8GB storage) for $299.99 USD and a deluxe version  (Gamepad, 32GB storage, Nintendoland game, accessories) for $349.99 USD.

Stay tuned for more news on the Wii U and its launch titles.


Michael Urban
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  1. no problem they also will sell a lot of wii U consoles i think .They can certainly make profit.

  2. no problem they also will sell a lot of wii U consoles i think .They can certainly make profit.

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