2K Games has announced it’s lineup of titles that will be shown off at their booth during Gamescom next week and will be showing a “surprise” that will more than likely be a behind-closed-doors showing of an unannounced game. What that game is we can only guess, but I’m placing my bets on it being Mafia 3.

Just over a year ago now, rumors began circulating that the game was in development at 2K Czech and was originally planned as a current generation title.  However, as development continued the game was moved over to the next-generation platforms. 2K obviously refused to comment on the matter. Other evidence supporting this was the rumor going around that 2K Czech was helping Rockstar get ready for the GTA V reveal, with the two companies sharing their tech back and forth. 2K apparently has big things planned for the Mafia franchise.

Looking at this now, it sort of actually makes sense. GTA V on current-generation tech, maybe next-gen, and Mafia 3 as 2K’s first open world game on the new consoles. The idea of a 1940’s GTA-esque game set in a big city makes me ripe with anticipation just speculating about it.

A few months ago we ourselves actually received a tip that the game was going to be teased at PAX East, but that never happened, as far as we know. However, our source does tell us that the game is in development on next-gen platforms and we should expect to see it soon. Other than those small details, they couldn’t share anything more with us. OnlySP receiving a tip, since when do we get those?

The titles 2K currently have lined up for Gamescom are The Bureau, NBA and WWE 2K14. There’s also XCOM: Enemy Within, but they’ve already let the word fly on that. What do you think? Is the fourth title Mafia 3? Let us know in the comments or head on over to the forums to discuss the topic.

Earlier this year we did a series of articles detailing games we want the most in the next-generation. Feel free to check out our Mafia 3 feature to see what we’re hoping for.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. With GTA 5 watchdogs and if mafia 3 gets announced I’ll be one happy camper

  2. i hope mafia 3 doesnt take 12 years to make like mafia2

    1. 8 years*


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