Winter Ember is a “Victorian-esque” Isometric Stealth Game

Winter Ember Blowfish Studios

Publisher Blowfish Studios has announced a new isometric stealth game, Winter Ember.

In a press release, Blowfish Studios released an announcement trailer for the game and revealed that it is being developed by Sky Machine Studios.

Winter Ember is set in a “Victorian-esque world” and as players assume the role of a faceless man named Arthur Artorias who is in search of answers and revenge.

The game has multiple approaches and solutions to the paths and problems that players will experience. Players who are more patient and methodical in “studying their surroundings and identifying less obvious modes of entry or egress” are more highly rewarded.

Players can expect to find many treasures and mysteries throughout the game. When faced in combat, however, Artorias will be able to craft from more that 30 specialty arrows to help escape the situation.

Ben Lee, co-founder of Blowfish Studios remarked that “Sky Machine has crafted an immersive stealth game that makes wonderful use of lighting, verticality, and a deep toolset to allow players to sneak around however they see fit.”

The game will debut at Los Angeles Comic-Con this weekend.

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