Winterfall, the debut project from Clan Latria, will take players on a multi-generational journey to build a sanctuary  as the end of the world draws near when it releases next year.

The title will be an open-world, third-person RPG that eschews the typical story-led campaign, instead focusing on creating in-depth systems that allows the environment to come to life and each player to enjoy a unique journey. At the heart of the game will be the Sanctuary, a homestead, of sorts, that users will have to build and manage, while also delving into the past to uncover the secrets of the lost cultures that first created them.

Additionally, far from being the straightforward story of a single individual, Winterfall will have players stepping into the shoes of multiple characters as time progresses, each with their own equipment, histories, and ambitions. As such, the project attempts to blend the action moments of typical RPGs with the more abstract concept of city-builders.

Speaking about the decision to create a fully system-driven gaming experience, the project lead designer Fab Mariani said, “I have long been frustrated by the focus on ‘content’, believing, from tabletop RPGs and fun experiences with all kinds of games, that focusing on systems instead would make for far more engaging experiences. Winterfall is my long-laboured attempt to explore that point.”

After more than five years of development so far, Winterfall is currently targeting a Q1 release on PC, with other platforms yet to be confirmed.

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Damien Lawardorn
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