Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition new developer diary


CD Project teases new bits of information on the upcoming Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition, coming out on 17th of April on Xbox 360 and PC.

The new edition is supposed to include new set of cut scenes, to elaborate on the storyline and clarify game events, new quests, new pieces of music, locations and much more.

As great as it sounds I don’t think I will be picking it up, seeing as I finished original release few months back, the enhanced edition doesn’t convince me in terms of offering enough new content to spent another £30 on it. But it definitely makes the game so much more attractive for those of us who didn’t buy it yet and its great to see CD Project expanding onto console market.

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  1. Ummm… if you played it after the original release, then it was on the PC… and as far as I'm aware, the PC customers get the update for free. Did that change?

    So the real question is, will you play thru it again? I hear it's a long game.

    1.  Nope PC users get the Enhanced Update free

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