A month and a half after going silent to create an internal demo for Witchfire, The Astronauts co-founder Adrian Chmielarz has opened up about recent progress on the project.

The decision to take a break from regular development was motivated by a “lull,” with the intention being to end up with something “focused on the flow of action, and the minute-to-minute, or even hour-to-hour experience.”

The biggest takeaway from this period is that the team has drilled down to cement the overall structure of the Witchfire.

As a result, although the game will “a very decent number of hours” long, it will be playable in 10-15 minute chunks.

The length of those chunks is intended to enable the player to achieve something quickly, while also being satisfying enough to promote lengthy play sessions.

Another significant change resulting from the demo is the team has “limited the RNG severely, and added an inherent core non-RNG perk per weapon.” This change suggests that the Witchfire will be less Borderlands 3 and more traditionally minded shooter, though Chmielarz wrote that details on the specifics of the new system will be forthcoming at a later date.

The full blog post goes into more detail about the arenas and cover implementation of the game, as well as mentioning some AI improvements that need to be made.

So far, the development team has not announced a release target for Witchfire, though plenty more details about the gaslamp shooter are available in our previous coverage.

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