The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ Review


Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, is this the greatest episode of them all?

It’s a question you tend to ask yourself during and after each episode, but the answer will always differ for each player. I won’t give away too much in terms of spoilers of course, but let’s just say the first four minutes are painful, not only to watch, but also to play—you’ll see why.



After getting big and bad and revealing his inner beast in the previous episode ‘A Crooked Mile’, Bigby suffers the consequences of standing against Bloody Mary and The Crooked Man. Wounded and on the verge of dying from Mary’s silver bullet, players are forced into a bloody, cringeworthy situation that involves fixing his broken arm and it isn’t pretty.

With Snow’s lenience taking a toll as she becomes more determined to make things right again in Fabletown, Bigby’s investigation will dig deeper to its roots. Certain mysteries will be exposed, your friendships and loyalty will be tested, a new enemy will rise and the Crooked Man will finally be revealed. So light up a Huff & Puff and immerse yourself into a new episode where the plot continues to thicken. Fabletown needs you, but so does Snow White.

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

As per usual, Telltale did a great job with this episode’s artwork, design, character development, action scenes and plot. We get to see different sides to some of the characters—Snow being one of them—and it features another awesome fight scene at the Lucky Pawn. But just when it’s about to get good, the episode—of course—ends, leaving you a little unsatisfied.

It’s fair to say In Sheep’s Clothing isn’t the greatest episode of the series so far but it had potential to be. The choices you made in A Crooked Mile didn’t affect the story that much which is a little surprising since killing or sparing Tweedle Dum didn’t have damaging consequences as I thought it would have—not yet anyway. As for the choices in this episode, they were quite weak compared to the others and focussed around friendship, loyalty and your duty as the sheriff. Again, they don’t have a huge impact on the story, but a couple of them might determine the fate of two characters in the season finale.

The same deal with choosing between which place to investigate first is present and depending on where you go first slightly affects the story as well as the overall time of gameplay. More action, exploration, twists, turns, and tough, damaging choices would have made this episode a lot better in my opinion and I’m hoping the season finale will make up for it.

Although In Sheep’s Clothing runs a little shorter than the previous episodes, the ending does leave you wanting more. It’s interesting, intense toward the end and will leave you wondering what will happen next in the final built up moments, that’s for sure.

Into the Light of Darkness

Into the Light of Darkness

Overall, Episode 4 is enjoyable. The mystery continues, you’re left second guessing your choices and plot is growing stronger. Where your loyalties lie is up to you, but either way, someone is going to be disappointed by your choices and your actions.

Friendship is important, yet so is the law. The Crooked Man is one step ahead and you must do whatever it takes to track him down. But be warned, what you see on the other side might not be what you expect.

The main question to ask yourself is, are you the Dog who follows the rules, or the one who breaks them? The fate of Fabletown is in your hands after all.

Cry Wolf

Platforms: PC, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PS3, IOS and PS Vita
Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Rating: M (ESRB), M (ACB), 18 (PEGI)

Review copy provided by Telltale Games.

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