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UPDATE: Leaked The Wolf Among Us Screenshots Indicate Major Change In Art Direction

UPDATE: The screenshots originally assumed to be leaked from the second season of The Wolf Among Us have been confirmed as fake. Creative communications specialist Scott Butterworth told ComicBook.com:

“I want to clarify: that image definitely did not come from us. It is not a leak, nor a reveal. It’s most likely something a fan created.”

ORIGINAL STORY: A series of leaked screenshots from the second season of The Wolf Among Us indicate a change in art direction, particularly in the realm of character design.

The leak, which came via a post on Reddit, focuses around Bigby, the series’s protagonist. As opposed to Bigby’s leaner look in the first season, this upcoming release sports a grittier, less comic-inspired interpretation of the character.

Likely as a consequence to Telltale’s shift to the Unity engine, the visuals have taken on a more defined aesthetic. Two of the screens focus on Bigby alone, but the last shot shows off a bar called The Groove.

Previous Telltale titles have used an in-house engine, which lended itself more to fantastical, comical approaches. The developer is looking to modernise its games quickly, with the next Walking Dead season including uncripted combat. This modernisation process seems to be the justification for The Wolf Among Us‘s new look.

Originally released in 2014, the first season impressed critics, but the series has been put on ice since, with the second season going through a protracted release schedule.

Reaction on Twitter and Reddit has been mixed in regards to Bigby’s re-design. The screenshots can be found embedded below:


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