Woven the Game

Alterego Games has announced that Woven will release on November 15 for all platforms.

In Woven, players take control of a metal firefly named Glitch and a stuffed elephant called Stuffy. The pair set out to find out what is responsible for disturbing their knitted world with robotic machines.

The gameplay trailer suggests that Woven is a hybrid point-and-click action-adventure game, with heavy platforming elements. There appears to be extensive customization options for players to change the appearance of Stuffy. Switching between different body parts can also help to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles.

According to narrative designer Matthijs Kramer, this is not strictly a game just for children despite its appearance. He likens the experience to a kid’s movie with story elements and jokes that can only be understood by adults. This should mean that players of any age can enjoy it.

“[You explore] a woolen world at your leisure, solving puzzles, gathering collectibles while the music changes to what you do and the narrator rhymes the story together,” said Kramer. “Each level of the game is pretty different and has its own set of mechanics and feel to it. But overall you are an explorer of the world and of its history both.”

Woven will be available from November 15. It will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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