XCOM: Enemy Unknown First Look Developer Diary


Fans of the original XCOM need not worry about the future of the franchise, as Firaxis Games has you covered. Originally being developed solely as a First Person Shooter by 2K Marin, Firaxis announced that they have been also working on a version of the series; one that retains the turn-based strategy and micro-management that made the original so popular.

In the first of the team’s developer diaries, lead programmer Casey O’Toole and lead designer Jake Solomon discuss re-imaging XCOM, changes and improvements to old mechanics like time units and theĀ integrationĀ of new ones, a new dramatic camera angle called the “glam cam,” and how ant hills influenced the new take on base-building. On top of that, some gameplay clips showcase the new turn-based combat.

Check it out below, it’s good stuff.

[youtube id=”kX9r0S77Vh0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

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  1. "Fans of the original XCOM need not worry about the future of the franchise"
    I was worried from the very moment they announced the game and nothing they showed so far eased that feeling :(

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